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7th overall in Level One Competition at National Dressage Competitions

After all the scores were totalled over the three days of competition Ballytruckle Shamrock and Samantha Winn came 7th overall out of 26 combinations entered at Level One.

Test 1.5 at National Dressage Competition on Sat

Our draw time was 9-44 so we had some time to have breakfast and get Shammy ready. I felt we had done all we could to get her ready for this test.

Thoroughbred Floats Challenge Final Test 1.6 at National Dressage Competition

The morning of this crucial day dawned foggy and sounds were discordant so Shamrock did not recognise the sight and sound of tractors moving in and out of the deep thick fog with their lights on as they groomed the arenas nearby. Shamrock snapped her leather halter and we suspect she hurt her poll.

4th for Test 1.2 and in Helen Holden Memorial winning team! at National Dressage Champs

The combination of Ballytruckle Shamrock and Samantha Winn showed no pretest jitters and performed a lovely fault free test to finish fourth out of 22 entries.

We were very pleased as Shammy and Sam were the highest placed that day in the Level One competition without German breeding. Go the Welsh cob x Tb.

Preparation for the National Dressage Champs

We decided last night Sam and I would both stay in the truck on the grounds with Shammy, this has put us in a flurry of activity as we gather together all the bits and bobs to make the four days ahead at the competition in a truck a reality.

Steve has looked at fridges but it seems NASA scientists are necessary to install it so not able to be done before we leave on Wednesday. He is looking at purchasing a bar type fridge instead.

We are looking forward to the coming competition as we will be up against the best combinations at First Level this season.

AWEC 10km ride 22/7/07

Steve rode 14.2 hh palomino welsh cob Minbarra Lord Nelson round the AWEC 10km track with Conor on 126cm welsh pony Glynmawr Image riding shotgun. They rode the track which was often deep sand in 1:12:21 with a starting heart rate of 45 and finishing at 52. They had done no training for this event. They came back thrilled with the ride and said "Its better than playing video games, cantering over undulating ground and dodging through pine trees each alternate stride." They were hooked!!


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