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NI Showhunter Championships and Waitemata Showhunter Derby

Lynette Jackson rode Ballytruckle Riley in 2 rounds to come second place at the North Island Showhunter Championships 1.10m Championship class held at Woodhill Sands in February 2013. The pair were second to professional rider Phillip Steiner on Tequila Sunrise. We are so proud of Riley and are thrilled with how Lynette has made him into such an enjoyable ride. He is our schoolmaster now.

North Island Showhunter Championships


Conor wins Showhunter class at Waitangi Weekend with score of 88%

Conor rode a brilliant round to win the 1.0m class at Woodhill Sands in early February 2013. Sally went really well for him. It was her last class for the weekend and she won it, thereby qualifying her for Horse of the Year 2013. Well done son.


Auckland Show Hunter Summer Show 2013

Ballytruckle Riley had a great time at Auckland Show Hunter Summer Show, he went in a 90cm class as a warm up and won the 1.15m. It was the first time he had been ridden at that height. He has really stepped up and is showing how powerful and correct a jump he has. He loves to jump, its by far his most favourite activity. He has achieved a lot this season and we are thrilled with how he is progressing and being beautifully ridden by Lynette Jackson.


Northland Xmas Show 2012

Xmas came early for us when we went to sunny Northland to compete at Showhunter.

Lynette Jackson rode Ballytruckle Riley in four classes and they won three of them and were placed in their first one. Here is a photo of them winning the 1.10m class


and a video of the round.

BOP Championship Show

Last weekend, we took three horses down to Taupo to compete in the BOP Championship Show.

Lynette Jackson on Ballytruckle Riley is having a nice time collecting ribbons and points for Horse of the Year. This combination were placed in several Hack classes and ended with getting a third placing so they are improving each time they enter the ring. Lynette has put many hours training into Riley and its beginning to show.

Here is a link to Rileys video of the 1.05m class.Video of Riley

Woodhill Sands 1* Show

In the weekend Niamh and B. Shamrock really started to get their partnership going well. Niamh and Shammy collected four ribbons from eight rounds and got 9 points for HOY qualification.

I was thrilled to watch them both enjoying their classes and striving to do better, they were a picture of concentration and looked really super together.!!

First Showhunter show of the season

Woodhill Sands Festival of Jumping- Showhunter 16-9-12

We tried for an early start rather than staying at the grounds, plaited 3 horses (Riley, Sally and Shammy) for Showhunter and travelled to Woodhill Sands. We met Lynette Jackson there who swiftly performed 2 perfect tail plaits on Riley and Shammy, in the overribbed style- something I simply cannot do- my fingers are too old to learn a new trick. I'm not a showie I'm a breeder.


North Island Secondary School Showhunter Championships

Held in winter at St Peters College in Cambridge, ACG Strathallan College sent a team of 4 riders. In order of rider age they were Conor West on Ballytruckle Sally Gap, Bridget van Gessel on Reel NZ Safari, Julia Nicholson on Gold Fever and Niamh West on Ballytruckle Shamrock.


Win at HOY 2012 icing on the cake

Ballytruckle Shamrock 14-1 and a half hh Welsh cob X tb mare ridden by 13yo Katherine Martin had a fabulous time at HOY.

It was the second time our stud has competed at HOY so we were thrilled to come away with a handful of ribbons from 9 classes.


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