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First Showhunter show of the season

Woodhill Sands Festival of Jumping- Showhunter 16-9-12

We tried for an early start rather than staying at the grounds, plaited 3 horses (Riley, Sally and Shammy) for Showhunter and travelled to Woodhill Sands. We met Lynette Jackson there who swiftly performed 2 perfect tail plaits on Riley and Shammy, in the overribbed style- something I simply cannot do- my fingers are too old to learn a new trick. I'm not a showie I'm a breeder.


Lynette is riding Riley for us-. As you can see from the photo above she and Riley are really getting along well, she enjoys riding him and is very calm but firm with him. She reckons he will be an awesome Young Rider horse. He loves the jumping game, that's for sure. In the photo the two gorgeous horses watching him jump are his siblings, all three are by Welsh cob stallion Mill Creek Valiant (Llanina Morning Blaze (imp UK0 X Sydenham Godetia (imp UK) and all are out of NZ thoroughbred mares. A picture says a thousand words.

Conor on Sally and Lynette on Riley were entered in the first four registered Showhunter hack classes of the Sunday. The heights started at 90cm and went to 1m in their classes. Sally got placed third in two classes, at one point the judge got out of her vehicle and said to Conor- "Your mare has a lovely jump, use the whole ring and you'll do better. Watch Michael go round-" Michael had just won the class before. So Conor watched and next time he used the whole arena and he got another 3rd place but quite a good score of 79%, one jump Sally was placed for a long takeoff and she simply soared through the air. Below is a photo of her soaring over the oxer. Well ridden by Conor West.


Riley was being ridden by Lynette in the same classes, he got a 5th placing. Many people said they really liked Riley and how he goes in the ring and we are very pleased with his progress.

Next we spent a couple of hours with Niamh riding Shammy in the Cat C Showhunter ring. They both improved with each of their 4 trips. Niamh is all fired up to improve her and Shammys rounds. Dont they look cute in the photo below?


It was interesting to see that many of the ribbon placers at the Showhunter day were clients of Jill Ullrich's. Conor and Niamh are riding out of sight nowadays, we are most pleased with how Jill's coaching is inspiring them to be better and better.