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I started Ballytruckle Welsh Cobs in 2000 to breed some riding horses for myself and my young family. I didnt much like the types I saw available in NZ at the time, too much hot blood and I wanted to breed sensible horses. I wanted to breed a horse with a trainable temperament and a lovely sloping shoulder as I dont like the upright shoulder and restricted girth of many NZ horses. I had seen many quiet breeds in my time in UK and a riding friend suggested the Welsh cob. I visited 4 of the 5 studs that had Welsh cobs in the North Island, they were Llandovery, Waimarie, Arawa and Merrileigh. I was able to buy 3 purebred Welsh cob mares, Llandovery Mercury- a lovely bay roan mare, Waimarie Ceridwen - a black mare and Waimarie Alana -who unfortunately didnt have any foals as she was 18 yo when I got her. So that was the start of my stud.

The next year I bought the Welsh cob Stallion Mill Creek Valiant. He carries the prefix Mill Creek for Priscilla Neill (mother of Sam Neill the actor) as he was bred by Priscilla but was foaled in Woodville and worked as a riding hack on a 2000 acre station for Michael Poulton of Llandovery Stud. Valiant had movement a plenty and even now his offspring surprise their owners with a lightness and power that he threw to every one of his foals. Just the other day yet another dressage judge exclaimed to me that Shamrock has quality movement. Valiant also threw a gorgeous head, Cleopatra won every head class she entered and another owner of one of Valiants foals said "every time I see her she takes my breath away" - no better complement from long term breeders of the gorgeous Welsh.

I was convinced by a seller of riding horses to the USA that a desirable horse for the US Showhunter circuit is the Welsh cob X thoroughbred. To date I have bred about 10 of these and they all are very nice indeed. My husband Steve and son Conor LOVE them for competitions. I recommend the Welsh cob stallion over the NZ thoroughbred mare cos you get an awesome rideable, trainable horse that can jump with beautiful knees, quality paces and usually have the whole "look at me" effect with white markings, large eyes and lovely pricked ears.

Welsh cob X tb horses compete at the highest levels in all FEI discilplines overseas. Some examples off the top of my head are Llangarth Darcy represented UK in Eventing and was European Champion ridden by Rodney Powell. Sir Wattie ridden by Ian Stark won a Silver Medal at the Olympics in Eventing, Capels Shira was Level 4 Champion at European Dressage.

I hope you enjoy my website- it has taken years to develop and hours to write all this stuff down, any feedback is gratefully accepted, it would be nice to hear from people who share my interest.