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Jumping Champion of Senior Novice ring at Bombay Pony Club ORD

Niamh had a busy Sunday last weekend - on Ballytruckle Shamrock she rode two Level 1 tests at Auckland Manukau Dressage Group and scored better than the last time she rode there earlier in the month. She has been working on the pony being calm and going in self carriage. Now we need to polish her accuracy, square halt and canter work. Louisa Hill walked by so we introduced ourselves and had a chat about her wonderful riding at the Olympics. She complemented Niamh on her beautiful pony and advised her to "stay on ponies cos they rock!".

Here is a photo of Niamh and Shammy waiting for their second test with the rider sipping a Hot Chocolate.


Then we went to Bombay Pony Club Open Ribbon Day for their afternoon jumping. It was great to see how much the club has improved. We used to be members at this Pony Club and it now has a brand new jumps trailer and lots of keen new people. We also ran into loads of people who are still at the Pony Club including Karen who used to teach Niamh and Conor when they were on their cute Welsh mountain pony Jelly. So Niamh had a lovely day and came home with a fistful of ribbons including Champion for the afternoon. She has never before been in a Championship class let alone won one, we were so proud of them both.