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Cwmkaren Beaufort Express (imp) f 2005, black, "Beau" 14-2hh

Get your mares ready to come and visit this glorious Welshman, he will put fabulous bone, movement and a calm temperament into your foal.

We are amazed at the consistent stamp he throws to all his progeny, they are all stunning, have great bone, move with lightness and rhythm, and have a lovely calm temperament. We breed the Large Welsh partbred by breeding the Welsh cob stallion over quality NZ thoroughbred mares selected for their race record, pedigree and conformation. "As is frequently the case with the larger pony breeds, the best mating is a pony stallion to a Thoroughbred mare." Elwyn Hartley Edwards, Horses and Ponies of the World, 1979

Beaus stud fee is $1000 + GST + grazing. Grazing cost is variable depending on the size of your mare, whether she is wet or dry and her feed requirements. Included in his stud fee is a non refundable booking fee of $250. Full payment of stud and grazing fees is required before your mare leaves Ballytruckle stud. Similarly if you have a "walk through" service for your mare his stud fee is due on date of service. Please communicate with us the requirements for your mare as we are willing to accomodate all reasonable requests.

We offer a Live Foal Guarantee so if your foal doesn't survive its first 2 days you have a free return service with that mare or if the mare is scanned as not in foal. We do not accept mares over 16 yo or over 16-2hh. We also do not accept mares under 12hh as they are too small for him to cover.

We are a small stud and will care for your mare as one of our own, we offer many options for your mare including hand serve, running with stallion either alone or in group and we will accomodate wet and dry mares. If your mare requires special treatment dont hesitate to tell us as we want the best mares possible for Beau which means that the best foals possible will be born.

Cwmkaren Beaufort Express (Imp AUS) as 3 yo
Cwmkaren Beaufort Express (Imp AUS) as 3 yo

Cwmkaren Beaufort Express (imp AUS) is by Nebo Dyfrig Express (imp UK) out of Sydenham Brioni (imp UK). Beau was bred at John and Carole Riley's Cwmkaren Stud in Queensland, Australia and imported to NZ by Ballytruckle Welsh Cobs as a weanling. He is ready to serve your mare and provide quality blood, movement and temperament to the New Zealand Welsh and Sporthorse scene.

Beaus pedigree and photos of many many ancestors are at website - enter cwmkaren beaufort express at horse query.

Cwmkaren Beaufort Express(imp) Pedigree

Nebo Dyfrig Express (imp Aus) WSB 40450 Derwen Desert Express 24420 Derwen Railway Express 19035 Nebo Black Magic 4370
16052 Derwen Rosie
45116 Derwen Duchess Nebo Black Magic 4370
29471 Derwen Queen
77255 Nebo Princess Alice Nebo Brenin 12046 Parc Welsh Flyer 5861
25836 Nebo Rosebud
44811 Nebo Princess Ann Hafrena Brenin 4063
12953 Tyngwyndwn Mathrafal Lady
WSB 101441 Sydenham Brioni (imp Aus) Llanarth Lloyd George 22477 Llanarth True Briton 16751 Nebo Black Magic 4370
16302 Llanarth Lady Valiant
54516 Llanarth Sally Llanarth Meredith ap Braint 8059
38254 Llanarth Sian
78054 Sydenham Ollianda Hewid Cardi 8336 Derwen Black Magic 6005
13470 Chancerie Polly
34978 Hewid Sheila Derwen Black Magic 6005
21658 Hewid Delia

Sire of Beau is Nebo Dyfrig Express (imp) f 1993, chestnut 14.3hh. Dyfrig was exported from Nebo Stud, UK, to Cwmkaren Stud, Australia as a colt foal. 1996 Dyfrig won Champion Cob and Best in Hand Queensland All Welsh.

Dyfrig's dam Nebo Princess Alice has won numerous titles.

  • 1986 1st 2 yo filly Royal Welsh
  • 1986 1st 2 yo filly Royal of England
  • 1987 3rd filly Royal of England
  • 1989 3rd broodmare Royal Welsh
  • 1990 2nd broodmare Royal of England
  • 1992 1st broodmare Royal Welsh
  • 1993 2nd broodmare Royal Welsh
  • 1993 1st Broodmare Royal Of England
  • 1995 2nd broodmare Royal Welsh
  • 1995 2nd broodmare Royal of England
  • 1997 3rd broodmare Royal Welsh
  • 1998 2nd broodmare Royal Welsh
  • 1998 Full sister to Dyfrig went 1st filly foal at Royal Welsh
  • 1998 Full sister to Dyfrig 2nd yearling filly at Royal Welsh
  • 1999 full brother to Dyfrig 1st colt foal Royal Welsh
  • 2000 3yr old full sister to Dyfrig 2nd Royal Welsh

Nebo Princess Alice is a full sister to the exceptional stallion Nebo Daniel.

  • Nebo Daniel won 1st Royal Welsh 1986,
  • 1st and Supreme Cob Prince of Wales Cup 1988,
  • 1st and Male Champion Royal Welsh 1989.

Dam of Beau is Sydenham Brioni ,(imp) f 1994, black, 14.2hh. Her winnings include

  • 1995 2nd place in yearling filly class at Royal of England Show
  • 1996 S. Brioni won her welsh cob 2 yo filly class at the Royal Welsh Show out of 40 entrants.
She was exported from Sydenham Stud, UK, to Cwmkaren Stud, Australia shortly after her Royal Welsh win.

In Australia she has won

  • 1997 Champion Cob and Best in Hand Queensland All Welsh
  • 2000 Champion Cob Pittsworth Feature Welsh Show
  • 2000 Champion Cob Queensland All Welsh
Full sisters to Sydenham Brioni are a fabulous ridden performance family in UK. From Olympia to Dressage and including Royal Welsh Ridden Championships these mares often win in tough competitions. These include Sydenham Tansy, Sydenahm Agrimony, Sydenham Catmint, Sydenham Elderberry, Sydenham Fennel, Sydenham Gooseberry, Sydenham Ixia.